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a new standard

We set a new standard in natural stone scanning to convey your business expectations. Trough a complete set of scanning solutions, we guarantee reproducible quality worldwide


We believe in optimizing production processes through state-of-the-art digitization technologies to achieve the best profitability on natural stone management and sales


Combining artificial intelligence, cloud, IoT and advanced imaging technology, allows allows you to optimize with full control the streamline production and management processes

our values


Technology is critical to achieve effective natural stone scannings while still taking the possibility of adapting and integrating our IoT device solutions within the clients needs

artificial inteligence

Through the implementation of artificial intelligence in the capture, processing and selection processes we guarantee greater profitability of natural resources and processes


Through digital processes and image digitization of natural stone with higher precision, we promote resources' optimization to promote the natural stone sector transition to the industry 4.0



weScan is a scanning technology that generates the most accurate image of natural stone slabs. When integrated with the weScan Home platform, it allows, in real time, to optimize the streamline production, management processes and sharing of digitized slabs.

image specs

  • 8K high resolution - 80 dpi - revealing 0.5mm² detail
  • Maximum color quality and sharpness (AI.reality™)
  • True scale with ±0.5mm uncertainty
  • Digitalization of slabs up to 2300mm x 3500mm
  • Automatic slab dimensions
  • Optional backlight


  • Greater production flexibility
  • Resource optimization
  • Digital cutting planning
  • Reliable stock characterization
  • Creation of virtual catalogs
  • Online sharing with customers


The platform that will serve the entire weScan line, essential for the implementation of your business in the digital world and in the transition from the production paradigm to industry 4.0. It includes several tools for planning and monitoring projects, editing and selecting images, managing stock and commercial management.

It is a technology natively developed in the Cloud and IoT. With Cloud storage, your images are saved more securely and are available online in real time for sharing with the clients. The information can be accessed on any device, as well as through a Latest generation API, allowing communication with ERP, Website, App services, among others.

image management

  • Creation of virtual catalogs
  • Smart Bookmatching
  • Quick product search and location
  • features and defects marking

project management

  • Creation of projects and subprojects
  • Project management and monitoring
  • Production metrics & cost analysis
  • Sharing projects with the customer

commercial management

  • Real-time access to order status
  • Dedicated space for projects discussion
  • Efficient communication and monitoring
  • Sales Forecast and costumer profiling

Capture & Sharing Apps

This inovative app contains a perspective transformation that allows you to take a picture of a slab and see it as if it were scanned with real dimensions.

Manage the social network associated with your natural stone stock, with the possibility of mark favorites, comment on each product or associate reference works.

Share projects and slabs with your customers easily via a link on weScan Home.

Publish and share quarry stone blocks, slabs and sets directly from the wescan Home to Facebook and Instagram.

Production & Selling Apps

From a single page on the weScan Home platform, you can input and output the digitalized slabs from your stock, mark defects and references, while keeping all the processes 100% traceable.

Digitize your data production and use this tool to control the entire process to obtain detailed information regarding the cost of your products into a single sheet.

Use the innovative tool for selecting natural stone products taking into account each application, which automatically relates the technical characteristics of the stone and the requirements of engineering, ensuring technical validation in accordance with the market.

You can manage leads, opportunities and new projects on the platform, scheduling meetings and upcoming actions.

Stone.AI Apps

Find similar slabs from another material surface, reference sample or even from scanMobile app.

Perform quality slab inspection from weScan scanners through automatic learning from user data and product aceptance criteria.

Make the virtual dryLay of your project. This feature assumes you have your stock hosted on the weScan Home platform.

Optimize your production and management through intelligent sales forecasting and customer profiling.

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